Posted on 11/05/2017 by =SiB=FluxPoint

We are Serenity in Brotherhood. A clan formed by two actual brothers and a connection to online friends throughout the world.

=SiB= is a clan about respect and responsibility. We enjoy playing all manner of games together and consist of a core group of friends who have been playing online together for nearly a decade.

We have recently decided to tackle Destiny 2 and are gearing up other friends and allies to tackle the Leviathan raid.

We hop on discord nightly as a core group. Generally, our discord receives a core group from 9pm-1am EST nightly. Right now, we're gearing up newer members and targeting the reset to run the leviation raid, in pieces of necessary.

We need a few more regulars or casuals to help round things out. Generally we're a group in their 20s-40s who value push to talk. Feel free to reach out if you're interested. Here's our bungie clan link: SiB